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“G&G was born out of a passion for growing food organically and an inability to grow sensible quantities of it – hence the ‘Glut’. The ‘Gluttony’ that ensued in the kitchen as a result of these mountains of veg formed the basis of the blog and the business that followed.” 

Grow it. Cook it. Eat it.

Hello. Lovely of you to pop by.

I’m Kathy Slack and this is Gluts & Gluttony where I write about the gluts I get from my beloved vegetable patch, how I grow them (organically, obvs) and how I cook when there’s a kitchen full of cauliflower or whatever happens to be glutting at the time. I’m a food writer for hire, generally writing about vegetables (growing, cooking or eating them) and I host cookery classes and supper clubs using home grown ingredients.

I got into this game after 12 years as a brand strategist for London advertising agencies (making ads for food brands), where the fun had been had and the rat race was taking its toll. By toll I mean I pretty much stopped functioning. So I quit. With no idea what to do next.

I’d moved to the Cotswolds a few years before and, now unemployed, I spent my time indulging my love of growing and cooking my own food – so was born Gluts & Gluttony.

Enthused by life as a writing cook I retrained at Ashburton Chef School and got a job growing vegetables at Daylesford organic farm in Kingham, Gloucestershire and subsequently in their cookery school and restaurant by day. 3 years and several placements later (at places like River Cottage), I left Daylesford to go full-time on G&G.

I’m a member of The Guild of Food Writers and write for food magazines in print and online such as Crumbs, .delicious magazine, The Huffington Post, AO.com, The Telegraph, Waitrose magazine and The Simple Things magazine. I also present cookery demonstrations and classes at festivals such as Wilderness, Big Feastival, Taste of London, Grand Designs, regional food festivals and for brands such as AEG. 

I have a fairly large patch in a neighbour’s garden which consists of one big bed (100m sq) and a few little beds across the road in my own garden. I’m not registered organic (too tiny for that) but I do use organic seeds, feed, compost and no chemicals. I can get a bit hippy about it all sometimes – you have been warned.

The aim for the blog is to write about the gluts I get, how I’ve grown them organically and what to cook with them. I expect to digress from this frequently, especially during the Hungry Gap or when I’m distracted by exciting supper club menus and the like.

You’ll also be able to find out about my private and public cookery classes here on the website.

Comments are loved and welcomed, especially if you are stuck with a glut yourself or if you’ve tried any of the recipes. If I edit a comment I will of course say so and I’ll only delete anything needlessly rude or ungentlemanly.

I’m content to witter on about allotmenting, organic food production and cooking all day, so do get in touch if you’d like a chat about vegetables, cooking, allotments and the like

Thank you.

Ps. The recipes are my own unless otherwise stated, as are the photos, so please credit anything you reuse and just because I don’t, it doesn’t mean you can go making pennies out of my stuff for which I exert our moral rights blah de blah de copyright blah. Ta.

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