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“G&G was born out of a passion for growing food organically and an inability to grow sensible quantities of it – hence the ‘Glut’. The ‘Gluttony’ that ensued in the kitchen as a result of these mountains of veg formed the basis of the blog and the business that followed.” (Kathy Slack, founder)

Our motto is what we love doing every day:

Growing it. Cooking it. Eating it.

Hello. Lovely of you to pop by.

We’re Kathy Slack and Mandy Bisson and this is Gluts & Gluttony where Kathy writes about the gluts she gets in her vegetable patch, how she grows them (organically, obvs) and how she cooks when there’s a kitchen full of cauliflower or whatever happens to be glutting at the time… whilst Mandy does the real work on the business side. We’re private cooks for hire, so we use a lot of the homegrown produce for private dinner parties and small events – which Kathy will most likely waffle on about on the blog too.

We have a fairly large patch on Kathy’s neighbour’s farm which consists of six 8 x 4m beds and an unheated greenhouse made up of two 1 x 8m beds. We’re not registered organic (too tiny for that) but we use organic seeds, feed, compost and no chemicals. We’re a bit hippy about it actually and occasionally a tad political, you have been warned.

The neighbour, the Benevolent Farmer Brown, is too tied up with lambing, pigletting and chicken bothering to manage the whole patch himself, so we share the labour and the fruits of it. All jolly idyllic until the pigs escape and eat your much-cherished harvest of butternut squash in one debauched night. We also have five little raised beds at home which take care of strawberries, rhubarb and herbs, though Kathy might venture an artichoke or two this year.

The aim for the blog is to write about the gluts we get, how we’ve grown them organically and what to cook with them. We expect to digress from this frequently, especially during the Hungry Gap or when we’re distracted by exciting dinner party menus and the like.

You’ll also be able to find out about our private cooking ventures here on the website.

Comments are loved and welcomed, especially if you are stuck with a glut yourself or if you’ve tried any of the recipes Kathy includes. If we edit a comment we will of course say so and we’ll only delete anything needlessly rude or ungentlemanly.

We’re content to witter on about allotmenting, organic food production and cooking all day, so do get in touch if you’d like Kathy to babble at you about vegetables or Mandy to talk more sanely about private dining.

Thank you.

Ps. The recipes are our own unless otherwise stated, as are the photos, so please credit anything you reuse and just because we don’t, it doesn’t mean you can go making pennies out of our stuff for which we exert our moral rights blah de blah de copyright blah. Ta.

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