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Lemon Balm Drizzle Cake

Love an odd herb like lemon balm, me. Yes, the thymes and sages of the world are fine and all, but it's the weird ones that do it for me. The un-buy-ables - chervil, lovage...

Green Bean Carbonara

I will eat green beans with anything. I adore them. But even I get slightly over-whelmed by them come August. It's been a very slow start to the bean harvest thanks to our erratic English...

3 Recipes for Your Courgette Glut

There's really no need to grow courgettes. If you have friends who grow veg then you'll almost certainly be begged to take some off their hands at this time of year. Walk past any allotment...

Lettuce and Broad Bean Tip Soup

I make a promise to myself every year. It is a solemn promise. And always earnest. It is this: that I will not, under any circumstances, no matter how giddy I get, plant all my lettuce seeds at once...

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