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A Glut of Courgettes Stuffed with Lamb

Warm and wet. We might not like this so-called English 'Summer', but to the courgette plant, this is heaven. There's a veritable pool party going on down in the patch...

Making Your Veg Pop & Other Food Styling Tips

I always say that if someone you’re cooking for says, “Wow!” when you put the food on the table there’s almost no chance they won’t enjoy eating it. That’s not say that cooks should worry about crockery and to hell with the salt...

The Restorative Qualities of a Good Bean Salad

Your first proper summer harvest is never just bucket of muddy veg from the patch. It’s nature’s way of fishing you out of the treacle, giving you a good nutritious meal and setting you back on the right path...

Celery Hearts & Sandwiches: What My Dad’s Taught Me About Food

I think the moment he really knew was when I accidently dropped a mussel into my Orangina, fished it out and scoffed it anyway. We were on holiday in France. I was, maybe, eight...

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