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Wassailing mulled cider & honey toast cigars

Wassailing is really the only time my apple trees get any proper attention from me. I have two. One is a James Grieve step-over, which my husband tends with a consideration second only to that...

Leftover Christmas Cake Trifle

My gluts are coming from other quarters besides the garden at the moment. Namely, my mother. Who has bestowed on me the gift of leftover Christmas cake. Lots of it...

We’re up for an award, but we need your vote!

An apologetic digression from the usual to ask for your help. We need your vote! It'll take 2 ticks and would make our Christmas...

Orange, pistachio and chocolate madeleines with cardamom butterscotch sauce

Proust has a lot to answer for. All that chat about madeleines. It's elevated them to 'mysterious French delicacy' status, given them a rarified air of complexity. In fact, they are the work of...

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