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Celery Hearts & Sandwiches: What My Dad’s Taught Me About Food

I think the moment he really knew was when I accidently dropped a mussel into my Orangina, fished it out and scoffed it anyway. We were on holiday in France. I was, maybe, eight...

Elderflower Fritters & Thyme Yogurt Sorbet

The swallows are back. The dog is covered in stickyweed. And the elderflower is in bloom. It can only be late May in England. It's such a specific time of year and, for me, marked most notably by the heady, blousy aroma of elderflowers...

Roast Radish, Feta and Spelt Salad

I’m quite an impatient gardener. I like crops that just get on with it. Veg that grows quickly and dishes up a reliable, colourful harvest without a fuss. I like a good bang for my buck. That’s why radishes...

Lemon Balm Marshmallow & Sugared Leaves

You know those days when you’re really up for a faff in the kitchen? When you want to enjoy some time gratuitously wasted in tinkering. To decadently fritter away a couple of hours making something pointless. Well…

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