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Rhubarb, Marzipan & Orange Blossom Strudel

Rhubarb fever has set in. As has election fever. And I've inadvertently created a political rhubarb pudding. Part Austrian strudel because the filling is rolled in filo. Part Turkish baklava because the filling has nuts in it and the whole lot is doused in honey after cooking. Still, I think we might need a few multicultural puddings over the next few days....

Sweet & Savoury Herby Cream Puffs

With such an incredible glut of herbs and my current choux pastry fixation, this week's recipes are very pretty little choux buns - thyme and pear custard cream puffs and herby goats cheese puffs...

The Prettiest Glut of All: Edible Flowers

Nothing says Springtime like a posy of flowers. After the seemingly endless grey of winter, early Spring flowers are a welcome splash of colour and life. They look almost good enough to eat. Which is handy. Because with many of them, you can. In this post I sugar primroses and make the girliest for girlie kale flowers in vinaigrette...

A Miraculous Glut of Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Success! It grew! The god damn Purple Sprouting Broccoli has produced a harvest. Better, in fact: a glut! I have, as you can probably tell, struggled with PSB for many years. It's a fickle creature and requires effort, toil and, preferably, a direct line to God. In this blog, I'll explain how I cracked it and how to make a heavenly PSB soy and chase salad to accompany 'English Spring' spring rolls...

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