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A Fret-Free Feast for Friends

Dinner parties. So 1970s. They reek of vol-au-vents, Margo Leadbetters and awkward silences. The very mention of the D-P words and I am consumed by visions of an Abigail's Party nightmare. No. Not for...

Hedgerow Harvest Crumble

The hedgerow harvest is as bounteous as the veg patch at this time of year. Sloes, cobnuts, damsons, plums – take your pick. The air below every wild apple tree is thick with cider fumes as...

Chilled Cucumber Soup

Planting six cucumber plants was, it turns out, excessive. No matter how much cucumber soup you intend to make. I have been swamped by them for weeks now. Thriving as they do in warm wet conditions...

Lemon Balm Drizzle Cake

Love an odd herb like lemon balm, me. Yes, the thymes and sages of the world are fine and all, but it's the weird ones that do it for me. The un-buy-ables - chervil, lovage...

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