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Hungry Gap Spelt Salad

The Hungry Gap is that bit of the year when you've eaten the last cabbage but the radishes haven't arrived yet. That sad day when you take the final winter squash from the shelf in the...

Simple Shredded Savoy Supper

Well it seems we all managed to make it through the horrors of the recent courgette crisis. Good work troops. British bulldog resilience at its best. Except not really, eh? Because, lets face it, the [...]

Unexpectedly Tasty Kale Smoothie

I think it's ok to say it out loud now, don't you? I've kept my trap uncharacteristically shut about this in the past. But let's get it out in the open: kale smoothies are NOT nice...

The ‘Grow Yourself Happy’ Veg Patch Plan 2017

We’re in a bit of a quagmire at the moment, aren’t we? What with all this grubby weather and even grubbier politics. On my dog walk this morning I seem to be slipping over more than...

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