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Lettuce and Broad Bean Tip Soup

I make a promise to myself every year. It is a solemn promise. And always earnest. It is this: that I will not, under any circumstances, no matter how giddy I get, plant all my lettuce seeds at once...

Rhubarb, Marzipan & Orange Blossom Strudel

Rhubarb fever has set in. As has election fever. And I've inadvertently created a political rhubarb pudding. Part Austrian strudel because the filling is rolled in filo. Part Turkish baklava...

Sweet & Savoury Herby Cream Puffs

With such an incredible glut of herbs and my current choux pastry fixation, this week's recipes are very pretty little choux buns - thyme and pear custard cream puffs and herby goats cheese puffs...

The Prettiest Glut of All: Edible Flowers

Nothing says Springtime like a posy of flowers. After the seemingly endless grey of winter, early Spring flowers are a welcome splash of colour and life. Almost good enough to...

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