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Sweet & Savoury Herby Cream Puffs

With such an incredible glut of herbs and my current choux pastry fixation, this week's recipes are very pretty little choux buns - thyme and pear custard cream puffs and herby goats cheese puffs...

The Prettiest Glut of All: Edible Flowers

Nothing says Springtime like a posy of flowers. After the seemingly endless grey of winter, early Spring flowers are a welcome splash of colour and life. They look almost good enough to eat. Which is handy. Because with many of them, you can. In this post I sugar primroses and make the girliest for girlie kale flowers in vinaigrette...

A Miraculous Glut of Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Success! It grew! The god damn Purple Sprouting Broccoli has produced a harvest. Better, in fact: a glut! I have, as you can probably tell, struggled with PSB for many years. It's a fickle creature and requires effort, toil and, preferably, a direct line to God. In this blog, I'll explain how I cracked it and how to make a heavenly PSB soy and chase salad to accompany 'English Spring' spring rolls...

Patch Update – soil, seeds and suspense

Itching doesn't cover it. I am positively desperate to get going in the veg patch this year. This Easter weekend is traditionally the time when I blitz the first round of real seed planting, but in the run up to that heavenly weekend of gorging on seed packets I've been preparing the earth and having a tidy up. Here's what I've been up to...

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