The Patch2013

This year I shall welcome any glut that graces my harvest with open arms. After last year’s wash out, my plan for the patch in 2013 is to focus on volume in the hope that at least some meagre percentage of it will be harvestable. Here’s my patch plan. I say ‘my’ patch, but it really belongs to my friend, The Benevolent Farmer Brown, with whom I share the crop and labour. The set up is this: six 4x8m beds and a 10m unheated greenhouse with two 8x1m beds.

We’re being both brutal and laissez faire in our plotting this year: brutal in that we are rationing ourselves to grow only veg that really is better from the patch than the shops (banished are the ubiquitous but beige white onions); and laissez faire in so much as I am attempting to contain my desire to work out precisely how many celeriac we will plant and how many rows that will take. It’s all very liberating.

Next, the best part of the year: the seed catalogues. Oh the possibilities…