It’s easy to get despondent about the veg patch in the winter. It all seems like mud and broken greenhouse panes. However, a brief visit today reminded me that there’s still food to be had, even at this late hour of the growing year. Leeks, celeriac, kale and cabbages are still hanging on in there. The purple sprouting broccoli is looking like it will do the usual ‘all leaf and no floret’ routine, but apart from that the patch isn’t too bad.

The cabbages have been particularly good. Which is unusual for me. I concentrated on savoy cabbages this year, planting them as plug plants and covering them with a mini collapsable polytunnel during early Autumn. This extra warmth and protection gave them a real boost and they’ve hearted up nicely over winter. But I’ll be clearing the patch in the next fortnight so they need using up, pronto, and therefore are perfect candidates for this week’s glut.

Furthermore, I’ve been inspired. I had an austere but delicious porky meal at a St John’s supper club last week so I’m in the mood for something austere and  porky. And nothing says austerity like stuffed cabbage…

(Hope you enjoy my first adventure in time-lapse. All I need to do now, is work out how to add music. In the meantime, hum that music they play when the circus clowns come on…)