Dinner party, celebration or just a night off the cooking – every event is different. We create bespoke menus based on your brief. It’s a totally unique dining experience, all without leaving home.

Home Grown

Our kitchen garden provides most of our ingredients. It’s a terrific inspiration, helping us create ever-changing, seasonal menus. What we don’t grow ourselves, we buy from a range of talented Cotswolds producers.


You could go out for a meal. But then someone has to drive. And you have to book. And you need a babysitter. And Aunty Bev is a vegan. What a faff! Just have the chef come to you instead. Much more Downton.

What is it?

If you’re planning a special meal in the Cotswolds but would like a night off the cooking, then we can arrive armed with all the necessary ingredients and gadgetry and cook for you – at home. It’s like having your own personal cook, but not in a Downton Abbey kind of way. Which means you have time to do your eyeliner in peace, welcome your guests with upmost serenity and really listen to Arthur’s story about his son’s ‘very advanced’ cricketing skills without one eye on the oven.

How does it work?

Every menu is different and designed together with the host after a briefing by phone or in person, which is why you won’t find set menu options or price lists here.

Once the menu is set, we’ll arrive on the day a few hours before the meal to prepare, set the table and generally get ready.

We’ll serve up, clear away and leave the kitchen as beautifully as we found it.

Generally speaking, we find we cook for between 8 and 80 people and that it generally works out at £35-£100 per person, though it varies depending on the number of guests and the menu. You can see some example menus here.

Why do it?

It’s lovely to cook, isn’t it? But sometimes those special meals, dinner parties and staycation suppers flit by whilst you’re stuck at the hob watching the custard or wolfing your starter down so you can leave the table in time to take the souffle out. With a g&g meal, you can enjoy the most important thing about a meal – the company – and not have to lift a finger.

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