I thought Nettle Sorbet was looking a bit lonely in my post last week. I just blobbed it into a bowl and tarted it up with a grating of lemon zest. I hadn’t make it feel special. I may even have called it ‘an acquired taste’. Shameful.

I went in search of forgiveness this weekend. And it was granted. Because I have found Nettle Sorbet her soul mate: Lemon Posset. I cannot recommend this pairing highly enough. The nettle cuts through the sweetness of the posset beautifully. If you’re feeling adventurous, the addition of Rhubarb Coulis adds a stunning colour and a hit of tartness, but that might be straying too close to ménage à trois for some. I am quite happy to leave Nettle Sorbet and Lemon Posset in blissful harmony and introduce to you the happy couple: