plant tomato

No time to cook this week. Which is fortunate really, because there’s only pea shoots and baby radishes to cook with.

This week is all about the kitchen garden. The Just So Spring (just wet enough but not too wet, just warm enough but not too warm) has sent all the emerging seedlings potty and it’s been a marathon to plant out everything before they give up and get leggy and week in their seed trays. Bar a few minor disasters (my tray of tomato seedlings got tipped up in transit to the allotment, scattering their poor little broken stems all over the lane) and moments of neglect (having nurtured my parsnips into life I forgot to water them and they all died), it’s not been a bad start to the season. Here’s what’s been going on:

Next job in the patch is planting fennel, broccoli, cabbage, more beans, more peas, borlottis, more onions….. I’d better get on with it.