Into the heavy lifting of this 10 day challenge and I’m starting to feel the effects of cooking a new recipe every day. It really takes some organisation. Anyway, I’ve kept up with the cooking, though I’m behind with the blogging. But you weren’t counting were you?

You were? Well don’t. It’s not a race.

Day Eight is a warming, simple supper for a wet and dreary Thursday evening provided by Nigel Slater’s Tender Volume 2: Rabbit and Apple. Rabbit? No Rarebit really, but he calls it Rabbit. And why not. His recipe. He can.


It’s a fruity take on the classic Welsh Rarebit and combines buttery pan fried apple slices with a creamy cheddar sauce. Pile on top of good white bread and grill until you can’t bear to watch it anymore and are compelled to scoff the lot.

rarebit plate-513

Beautiful supper with a crisp salad and a good glass of Bordeaux.

Day Nine and I’m in need of a sugar fix. So I turn to the slightly frumpy, but ever so reliable Ballymaloe Cookery Course for a lesson in brandy snap making. The instructions aren’t quite as specific as I might like for a book that presents itself more as a manual than a recipe book. However, after a couple of attempts I turn out a brandy snap basket any seventies housewife would be proud of. In celebration, I fill it with ice-cream, bananas and pistachios and trough it for lunch. What?

brandy snap 519

Day Ten is, I fear, going to be considered a cop out. My 10th cookbook is not a recipe book but a history book on the origins of plants we’d be lost without: The Roots of Civilisation. I look out the window on Day Ten, see the crocuses beginning to emerge from the otherwise bleak flowerbeds and consult my final book on the cultivation of the crocuses bright red stigma – saffron. Turns out it was used as a dye and a perfume as far back as 2000BC. Emperor Nero had it scattered before him when he walked the streets of Rome. But it seems we have the 19th Century Spaniards to thank for realising it made a mean risotto, paella, fish stew etc etc…safffron515

And that’s the lot. Ten days. Ten new cookbooks. My bookshelves are bowing under the strain. My ability to forward plan meals has been tested. The G&G collective waistline has undoubtably expanded. But it’s been fascinating. Hope you’ve enjoyed it too.