lets eat ceviche - 325In January, it’s aways troublesome to find seasonal recipes that don’t involve braising, stews, mash and stomach-cementing stodge. So this Bells of St Clement’s ceviche from Tom P-B’s Let’s Eat is a welcome bit of seasonal zing in a notoriously unzingy month using, as it does, pomegranate and Seville oranges.

The dish is quick, easy and seems accommodating of a little tinkering: I couldn’t get bass, so I used pollock instead (yes, pollock –  surprisingly tasty when raw and meaty enough to withstand the acid cure of the oranges). I also swapped the green chillis for half an orange Habanero chilli which was languishing in the freezer and it brought a gorgeous apricot scent to the whole dish (yes, chillis freeze brilliantly. Just whip one out when you need it and let it thaw).ceviche-332

Day One of the Hungry Gap Cookbook Challenge – a big success. Next, Nigel Slater’s ‘Eat’.