A week of drab weather, a lingering cold and far too many puddings (see our Instagram page for evidence), has left me in need of greens. And with my Nutri-bullet addiction coming along nicely, I turn to the wonderful whizzer for comfort and vitamin sustenance. The allotment is offering only leeks and cabbage at the moment, neither of which are know for their juicing qualities (dear lord, imagine it!) so I’m working with odds and sods from the fridge and my ready supply of frozen veg. Fortunately, this slight hodgepodge of ingredients can be combined in many ways to create any number of finest green juices.

So come on down and play Green Juice Jackpot!

(Incidentally, the quantities shown in the pictures are pretty accurate. Apart from the ginger. That would be silly. Go for a 1/2 thumb sized amount then adjust to taste.)

(Oo, and… you’ll need to add water before blending. Judging by fellow Nutri-bullet owners, the more water you add then less hardcore-hairshirt a juicer you are. I add quite a lot.)

Kale, Banana, Pear and Ginger

P1020993 - juice 1

Kale, Lime, Cucumber, Satsuma

P1020986 - juice 2

Celery, Avocado, Cucumber, Spinach

P1020981 - juice3