Wordless Wednesday (or “May, am I glad to See You”)

Wordless, off topic and shamelessly smug Wednesday

Nettle Glut: An Addendum

I thought Nettle Sorbet was looking a bit lonely in my post last week. I just blobbed it into a bowl and tarted it up with a grating of lemon zest. I hadn't make [...]

Easter Lunch: A Digression

After another glutless week I'm grateful for an outing of Gluts & Gluttony Gourmet: at least by the oven I have some chance of staying warm. Please forgive the digression and smile politely whilst I [...]

Glut of the week: Red Cabbages

It's muck-spreading time at the allotment, which means that anything still in the ground has to come out. It might seem drastic, but I like to start the year with a fresh, empty [...]

Glut(let) of the week: Tiny Celeriac Leaves

A Bloody Mary recipe with celeriac instead of celery salt.

The Patch Plan 2013

This year I shall welcome any glut that graces my harvest with open arms. After last year’s wash out, my plan for the patch in 2013 is to focus on volume in the [...]

Glut of the week: Snow

No veg gluts at the moment. Just snow. I imagine there's a cabbage glut somewhere under the snowflakes, but since I can't see it we'll just have to hope that the snow preserves [...]

Glut of the week: Marmalade

At this time of year the Cotswolds seems quieter than usual. Not because the tourists are nestled snug in their beds, but because the Venerable Mothers of the Wolds are slaving over their Agas [...]

Glut of the week: Fennel

Allegedly difficult to grow, Florence Fennel is one of the few veg about which I can gloat: I find it easy, reliable and totally pest free. And, by crikey, do we have a [...]

Glut of the week: Angelica

The triffid taking over the garden has been felled. It is, I’m told, completely wrong to use Autumn-felled Angelica stalks to make candied Angelica, but when a glut’s a glut... Early this spring,  [...]