A Fret-Free Feast for Friends

Dinner parties. So 1970s. They reek of vol-au-vents, Margo Leadbetters and awkward silences. The very mention of the D-P words and I am consumed by visions of an Abigail's Party nightmare. No. Not for...

Summer: The Encore

Since Summer seems to be back for an encore I thought I'd cultivate the summer spirit and post some pictures taken back in July by my pal Andy Hockridge at Imagemaker. All using G&G harvest [...]

Cooking for a Crowd in Kingham

The best of the allotment’s ingredients were on show at The Cotswold Table last Sunday as the g&g stand was chocka with early Summer fare for the good folk of Kingham to try. And I’m pleased to say they did. With gusto in fact – I ran out of samples before the event finished. (Free food: always a winner!). I was busy promoting the personal cooking side of things, but also the exciting new g&g Pick Up Picnic – get yours here! (Shameles plug over, how crass). Here are a few of the things I cooked up (but not all of them, Cheeky, otherwise I’d be giving away all my secrets now wouldn’t I). […]

Recipes to Feed a Crowd…

…or What I Cooked up for Cotswold Table

Recipes to Feed a Crowd or What I Cooked up for Cotswold Table

G&G was out on the road this weekend at the excellent foodie market, Cotswold Table. And golly did we have fun. Talked ’til I was horse (nothing new there then). Bought too much stuff (ditto). And showed the good folk of the Cotswolds what I get up to by cooking up a whole host of seasonal tasters and samples. My brief to myself for these tasters was: make it seasonal, make it extremely tasty, make it cheap, make it easy to produce in volume (footfall was nearing a thousand). Given that this is also my brief for most Christmas gathering menus, I thought the recipes might be relevant at this festive time and so here they are: Spinach, Cheddar and Pinenut Frittata […]

Canapes Continued…

Still in the grip of Canapé Fever here in the g&g household. At this rate I shall have to host a cocktail party just to use them up. This recipe is a particular favourite – seasonal and simple. (It makes a delicious salad too should you prefer not to prissy around with canapés): […]

A Glut of People Stood Around Chatting Politely over Drinks and Nibbles

“Do come for Drinks And Nibbles”. So easily uttered. So sorely regretted. Nibbles. Gone are the days when a bowl of Twiglets and a hedgehog of cheddar and pineapple sticks would suffice. And GBBO champion Style-Over-Substance-Done-Good-Frances, I might add, has a lot to answer for in upping the stakes further still with her astonishing allotment canapes. Anyway, I’m not, as you can imagine, one to fiddle around with such things. And I do not believe in poaching quails eggs. Or in vol-au-vents. I prefer the Venetian approach to nibbles: ciccheti – chunky mouthfuls of gutsy flavours, unpretentiously served with every glass of Aperol spritzer supped so authentically by every true Venetian. […]

A Three Course Meal the Under-10s Could Cook… And Did

Some friends of mine came over to play in the kitchen yesterday afternoon. They are 10 and 8 years old and both demon cooks. Their favourite foods are French onion soup or sushi, they can bake a mean cake totally unaided and last time I went to their house they served a pre-dinner juice in passionfruit casings with umbrellas…. So now you can understand the proficiency of palette I’m dealing with. Frozen pizza and a Walls ice-cream would not cut it with these ladies. We spent the afternoon preparing a lavish supper for ourselves. The idea being that, having prepared a simple-yet-everso-slightly-chefy 3 course menu (below… we made a mess as you can see) with my occasional interventions and, I’d like to think, sage advice, they could go home and recreate it by themselves whenever they next hosted a dinner party (you’d be amazed what the under-10s get up to these days). […]

Wordless Wednesday (or “An Hommage to Moro”)