2019 Monthly Cotswolds Organic Supper Club

Big changes for G&G in 2019. Rather than ad hoc supper clubs, I'll be hosting a regular pop-up in Chipping Norton on the last Friday of every month (give or take). This has been a bit of a dream of mine and I'm so delighted to finally get it off the ground and invite everyone. Here's how it works, menus, dates ...

G&G X Waitrose supper club – 25th October 2018

The heating is on, the summer gardening gloves have been swapped for thicker ones and I've started talking encouragingly to the just-formed Brussels sprouts. Yup, it's Autumn. But we will not hibernate away and binge watch Strictly. Oh no, for there is a harvest to celebrate...

G&G x Waitrose supper club – Thursday 24th May 2018

The sun is shining, the blossom is out and I have some VERY exciting news. G&G is partnering with Waitrose for a very special supper club showcasing all the best seasonal and local produce on offer in Spring. (I KNOW! Bit giddy.) I'd be delighted if you could come. Here's how it works...

A Spring Feast: 4th May 2018 supper club

Spring! Finally. It's here. Of course, by 'here' I mean 'above freezing and not snowing' – but I'll take that at the moment. To celebrate the tiniest glimpse of something other than winter, I'm delighted to say I have an exciting new supper club for you…

Seasonal Supper Clubs at Classic Motor Hub – 23rd Sept 2017

We love a touch of vintage here at G&G. So we are delighted to be partnering with the ever so glamorous Cotswold Motor Hub near Bibury for our summer supper clubs. Join us to celebrate the season's harvest with a little detour into the golden age of motoring.

Harvest Supper Club – 23rd Sept 2016

It's time for another G&G seasonal supper club. This time we'll be setting up our little pop-up at The Tea Set Cafe in the beautiful Cotswold's town of Chipping Norton. As usual, we'll ply you...

Supper Club ‘In Praise of Spring’ – 23rd April 2016

We're very excited to announce our first supper club of 2016. We'll be taking over the beautifully nostalgic Kingham Village Hall for an evening of light, bright, classically British Spring food. All organic, all local (in fact lots of the ingredients are from the G&G veg patch) and even our wine expert is local - the very knowledgable Julian Chamberlen. Here's the menu...

Gin-soaked Supper Club – 21st & 22nd August 2015

Our next supper club is on 22nd August 2015 at The Cotswolds Distillery. Join us for a summer feast with gin cocktails to match each course. As usual, we'll talk about the food and cocktails so you'll leave full, merry on gin and a little bit cleverer too. Book quickly, there aren't many spaces!

A Farmhouse Feast – 22nd May 2015

Spring! And to celebrate we invited guests over for supper to toast the start of the growing season: 22nd May 2015, Turley Farm, Delly End, OX29. If you missed it, click on the link above for menus and pics.

Made in Britain Supper club – November 2014

Autumn brings dark evenings and warming flavours. We indulged in the best seasonal grub with a menu of classic British dishes from scampi to trifle.