Cooking for a Crowd in Kingham

A Self-inflicted Glut of Lettuce

A Glut of Pigs’ Trotters

Glut of Green Shoots

Rhubarb: the saviour of The Hungry Gap

Nettles, Kale and Rhubarb Gluts for The Cotswold Table Market

A Glut of Weeds

Wordless Wednesday: Spring Sprouts

And the Organised Shall Have Leeks in Abundance..

A Sage Harvest

A Glut of Sunshine: A Thai allotment and the meal it grew

A Guest Glut for Ross & Ross

Glut of Cookbooks: Days Eight to Ten – Rarebit, Snaps and Saffron

Glut of Cookbooks: Day Six & Seven – Bambi and Butter

Glut of Cookbooks: Day Five – The Ethicurean Almond and Pear Cake

Glut of Cookbooks: Day Two & Three

Glut of Cookbooks: Day One

A Glut for the Hungry Gap: Cookbooks

A Glut of Plans and Seed Catalogues: The 2014 Patch Plan

A Glut of Christmas Leftovers

A Hedgerow Christmas Cake

Recipes to Feed a Crowd or What I Cooked up for Cotswold Table

Recipes to Feed a Crowd…

The Dawn of the Black Radish Harvest

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