Forced rhubarb, saffron & honey granola pots

The 2018 Patch Plan & Space Optimism

More Borrowed Quince with Marzipan

A Borrowed Quince Harvest with Sichuan Pork & Rhubarb

New Beginnings

Slack’s Festive Hacks

Chard, goats’ cheese and spelt pizza

Pear and cardamom friands

A Glut of Courgettes Stuffed with Lamb

Making Your Veg Pop & Other Food Styling Tips

The Restorative Qualities of a Good Bean Salad

Celery Hearts & Sandwiches: What My Dad’s Taught Me About Food

Elderflower Fritters & Thyme Yogurt Sorbet

Roast Radish, Feta and Spelt Salad

Seasonal Supper Clubs at Classic Motor Hub – 8th July & 23rd Sept 2017

Lemon Balm Marshmallow & Sugared Leaves

Plate Politics

Hungry Gap Spelt Salad

Simple Shredded Savoy Supper

Unexpectedly Tasty Kale Smoothie

The ‘Grow Yourself Happy’ Veg Patch Plan 2017

Blue Cheese, Pear and Chicory Salad

Three simple healthy suppers for winter… & pud

Wassailing mulled cider & honey toast cigars

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