beetroot sorbet
Bleakness comes by degrees I find. In sharp relief to the record summer we had, the current drizzle seems decidedly bleak. However, it’s not really until the depths of February that one really starts to feel one is living in a Russian novel.

Still, bleakness enough there is to inspire an Eastern European palette-cleanser. And what better fodder of bleakness than a good warming bison grass Vodka and the earthy, hardy flavours of Detroit beetroot?

Vodka and Beetroot Sorbet:

– 3 beetroot
– 150 ml stock syrup (you can make this yourself with equal parts sugar and water but I accidentally bought six 75cl bottles of cocktail syrup online thinking they were 75ml so I have gallons of the stuff)
– 120ml bison vodka (it doesn’t work so well with plain vodka, the bison grass adds a gorgeous herbal twang)

Peel the beetroot and blitz it to a mush in the food processor. Mix it with a couple of tablespoons of water to loosen it up a little. Tip the whole lot into a fine sieve and let the juice drip into a bowl below. Top up the juice with water until you have 600ml in total.

Next mix the juice with the vodka and syrup and churn in an ice cream maker.

When set, spoon in to glasses and serve. Nazdrowie!