lettuceI’ve never been one for heeding a lesson. “Will you never learn?”, my Mother’s stock response to repeated follies from falling out of trees to poorly chosen boyfriends.

But after last year’s lettuce fiasco you think even I would have taken note.

(For those blissfully unaware of the Lettuce Fiasco of 2013, ah you sheltered innocents, a summary: we had a lot of it. All at once. It took over the veg beds. G&G Towers consumed lettuce for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mutiny was threatened. It wasn’t pretty.)

And still, still, I planted way too much lettuce at once this Spring. So once again I have forest of lettuce glutting away merrily in the veg patch. To make matters worse I planted May Queen and Salad Bowl (both known for their prolific nature in early summer) and I planted them under my mini poly tunnel just to help them along.

Why?! What was I thinking?!

No matter. Enough of my inadequencies. There’s lettuce to be eaten…

Lettuce and avocado wrap

lettuce wrap openPret lovers will recognise this as an iteration of a tortilla wrap that was always my favourite option when I worked in London and did sophisticated things like nip out of the office for a low GI wrap in my heels at lunchtime.

  • 2 large lettuce leaves
  • 1/4 avocado
  • crumbling of parmesan
  • sprinkle of pine nuts
  • strip of nori

Lay the lettuce leaves out and place the avocado, parmesan and pine nuts inside. Roll it up like a Cuban cigar and secure it with a band of nori roll. That’s it! simple, but delicious.P1020709 wrapped

Lettuce soup

There are a fair few recipes for lettuce soup around and, frankly, most are only a teeny baby step removed from the dreaded cabbage soup. This is my favourite so far. It’s light but not watery and it’s by the wisest of wise, Rose Prince.

Braised Lettuce

Generally better with crispy hearting lettuce than with flimsy-leafed lushes like mine, Pois a la Francaise may be named after the peas, but it’s the copious amount of lettuce that really makes this dish. I like Jamie’s version here.