It’s all about planning this week. Too cold. Too dark. Too soggy for digging the veg beds. Too early to plant seeds. there’s only one thing for it: light a fire. Make a hot chocolate. And plan the 2014 veg patch.

So, in anticipation of a season of wonderful gluts, I proudly present to you my 2014 planting plan:

Patch plan 2014

Look at all that sweetcorn! And yes, you do see 4 varieties of beetroot. Yes, and 3 types of kale. What? I said I was planting for gluts.

Causing most excitement and anticipation is the radicchio, which I’ve not grown before, and the tatsoi which is a bit gorgeous spinachy brassicary fellow that grows at low climates and will hopefully prevent my winter harvest being bereft of greens as it was this year.

Incidentally, I’ve used the Garden Plan Pro app by Grow Veg to plan the patch this year. Bit fiddly to use on an iPad, but it’s really very wonderful once you get the hang of it (and no, they didn’t send it me for free and they haven’t paid me – it’s a bone fide compliment).

valentines hamper


PS – Not content with planning vegetable Gluts, I’ve also been planning a little Gluttony too – my new Valentine’s Dinner Delivery Service. Do have a look should you find yourself in need of a culinary cupid