book pile - 314

Ten. Count them. Ten. There are ten new cooking-related books on my bookshelf this month. That’s one for every other day of 2014 so far. This cannot continue.

There’s nothing growing in the allotment (apart from the last of the beetroot, what else, which I harvested this weekend, but I won’t bore you with yet more beetroot recipes. See here, here and here if you’re in need). The beds are dug and snug in their black fleece blankets in an attempt to quash the weeds.

Clearly, there’s only one thing for it. Buy cookbooks.

(In my defence, these were all in the sale, apart from the Ethicurean which was a gift, and therefore an actual bargain and it would have been an actual crime to leave them…)

And so, my glut for this week is new cookbooks. I will endeavour, this may be folly, we shall see, to cook something from each book every day for the next 10 days. 1 book per day. Or thereabouts.

I will report back. Wish me luck…