The interweb wires of Britain are alive with the joys of rhubarb this week as food blogs the land over experiment with cyberspace’s collective rhubarb glut. After by rhubarb-induced giddiness last week, I’m thankful to see I am not alone so thought I’d share some of these other rhubarb gluttons’ recipes:

Jenny Chandler (who was the inspiration for my Rhubarb Feast in the first place) had more ideas up her sleeve here.

Chez Foti made stunning Rhubarb tart.

And The Pyjama Gardener created some rhubarb ice-cream loveliness which might go well with the tart.

Then Nat Tallents woke up with a vision of a rhubarb cake.

And it’s not over yet: rhubarb is a featured item in Bangers and Mash’s Recipe for Life Challenge. So us rhubarb addicts will get our fix again soon…